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Do You Need Leaders Or Do Leaders Need You?

Globally speaking, people are more concerned about being popular than being morally upstanding. Global culture is one where people would rather find cheap, easy sex than a lasting, committed, fulfilling relationship. One where people want to hoard money without taking the time to comprehend what money is really all about. One where people want a secure, […]

The Necessity Of Art

Whether you are a creatively talented person or not, chances are good that you appreciate some kind of art. Just about everyone has a band they like, movies they enjoy watching, a live performance to indulge in, or perhaps an afternoon filled with painting, sculpting or another visual art. Art enriches the heart, mind, body […]

Obstacles Are Inevitable Before Success

We love doing easy things. Who doesn’t love doing easy things? It usually turns out great, is fun, it’s simple to put together and doesn’t hurt. Who doesn’t enjoy a combination like that? Easy things are easy, but are they really worthwhile? When was the last time you pulled off something easy and it really […]

We Need To Lead Lives That Make Sense

The most confusing and heartbreaking thing is leading a life that ultimately doesn’t make sense. You can have the power and resources to do just about anything you want, but if things don’t add up between your head and your heart at the end of the day, you’re in for a life of pain, disillusionment, […]

It’s Not About Getting A “Job”

Jobs, jobs, jobs. We’re so focused on them. The energy that’s not spent on the job is placed towards making sure we still have one tomorrow, at least on the national level. And yet this is not always true. America’s middle class is experiencing something of an existential crisis, between job placement difficulties with college […]

2014 To 2015

As 2015 rolls in, there is no year I have been more excited for than this one. 2014 had far more twists and turns than I ever would have expected or thought possible, but I have probably also never grown more than I did this year. This year was absolutely jam-packed with experiences, moments, events […]