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Do You Need Leaders Or Do Leaders Need You?


Globally speaking, people are more concerned about being popular than being morally upstanding.

Global culture is one where people would rather find cheap, easy sex than a lasting, committed, fulfilling relationship. One where people want to hoard money without taking the time to comprehend what money is really all about. One where people want a secure, comfortable vocation without worrying about whether or not their work actually gives back to the community or world. One where people want to be successful but have little to no idea (or motivation) how to enrich the lives of other people.

Leaders Are In High Demand

We live in trying times where people are doing less trying and more wishing. We are living in a leadership-starved culture. Without leaders, people stumble, fall, and stay down. Without leaders, life becomes a vain pursuit of what we are told to want by the seeming powers-that-be.

On occasion, people have been burned by poor quality leaders, who really turn out to have been no leaders at all. Hopefully it is not a wakeup call to many, but there are wolves in sheep’s clothing around every corner for the undiscerning heart and mind. Today’s average citizen needs to have an incredibly sharp wit to determine who to follow and who to avoid, if he or she is to come out of every week alive.

How Do We Find Great Leaders?

There is a desperate need for leaders like never before, and an even greater need to find them from the right sources. Choosing a leader from the wrong source is worse than having no leader at all.

Leaders are meant to be people who have gone before many of the others to learn painful lessons so that others do not need to. Granted, there are great rewards for those who decide to be leaders (or become one despite volition), for this is something most people will never do. It takes a different breed of human to be a leader, rather than merely being successful.

The truth is that being successful, at least as far as an individual’s definition goes, is difficult as it is. This process typically takes years on its own. Becoming a leader is a much different ballgame, and requires its own vast slew of resources, practices, trials and decisions.

The best leaders will always do one thing: serve people, and serve them deeply. Truly, the way up is down.

What do you think of leadership? Where in our world do we most need leadership right now? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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