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3 Steps To Completing That Project Early Or On Time

You have a large project, personal or corporate, to complete two weeks from now and you have no idea where to begin. It is always during this time where a Netflix binge starts to look really appealing. Let’s face it. We have all at some point in our lives (maybe even now) battled with some […]

Have You Opened Your Gifts Today?

When is the last time you opened a gift you received? Perhaps it was a Christmas gift, a birthday gift or something related to a day of great significance in your life. Perhaps you were lucky enough to have gotten married recently, and you opened wedding gifts not too long ago. Despite how joyful and […]

Do You Need Leaders Or Do Leaders Need You?

Globally speaking, people are more concerned about being popular than being morally upstanding. Global culture is one where people would rather find cheap, easy sex than a lasting, committed, fulfilling relationship. One where people want to hoard money without taking the time to comprehend what money is really all about. One where people want a secure, […]

How And What You Can Learn From Failed Business Attempts

Just about everyone has that dream life they want. Most people have at least a notion of what they would do every week if they had the means to do what they love every single day. There’s so much the world can offer – and so many ways you can contribute – when you have […]

Obstacles Are Inevitable Before Success

We love doing easy things. Who doesn’t love doing easy things? It usually turns out great, is fun, it’s simple to put together and doesn’t hurt. Who doesn’t enjoy a combination like that? Easy things are easy, but are they really worthwhile? When was the last time you pulled off something easy and it really […]

Money Is A Resource – Nothing More, Nothing Less

Money is one of the most thought-about and sought-after commodities in this world. Without a certain amount of money, individuals are restricted from engaging in certain activities, purchasing certain things and generally leading a certain type of life. We’re bombarded by dozens of messages in the media about how we should look, what to wear, […]