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Have You Opened Your Gifts Today?

When is the last time you opened a gift you received? Perhaps it was a Christmas gift, a birthday gift or something related to a day of great significance in your life. Perhaps you were lucky enough to have gotten married recently, and you opened wedding gifts not too long ago. Despite how joyful and […]

How And What You Can Learn From Failed Business Attempts

Just about everyone has that dream life they want. Most people have at least a notion of what they would do every week if they had the means to do what they love every single day. There’s so much the world can offer – and so many ways you can contribute – when you have […]

Blood, Sweat And Tears

Following your dreams is the most difficult thing you’ll ever do. You might think the hardest thing is getting a nice career, finding a husband or wife, purchasing a home or raising a family. While all of these things are indeed incredibly challenging and virtuous in their own right, there is no crucible so formidable […]

You Can Make A Difference As One Person

Just about everyone goes through a point in their life where they feel useless, pointless and completely alone. Those who do not experience this at any point are the lucky ones. Truth be told, anyone who can flat out deny having felt this feeling is probably lying, but only God can know. We all have […]

Why You Need A Motivational Playlist

Life has its ups and downs. Even when it might feel like it, life is not a plateau. If we pay attention, there are small moments of victory and defeat in our days that add meaning to the experiences we undergo. Life is not predictable all the time. Heck, it’s hardly predictable day by day. […]

Dreams Versus Wishes

When we are young, we all have dreams. There is not a child who has lived who has not dreamed at some point, regardless of how brief the opportunity. Tragically, depending on where one is born, a child’s opportunity or even ability to dream can be snatched from within them before they ever have a […]