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How To Become A Better Writer: Optimization, Part 5 Of 12

If you’ve been keeping up with the How To Become A Better Writer series, you’ll notice we’re close to the halfway point. Admittedly, I’m enjoying writing these posts even more, the further we go! I’ll continue to jam-pack these posts with as much value as possible. But without further ado, let’s jump into Part 5: […]

Have You Opened Your Gifts Today?

When is the last time you opened a gift you received? Perhaps it was a Christmas gift, a birthday gift or something related to a day of great significance in your life. Perhaps you were lucky enough to have gotten married recently, and you opened wedding gifts not too long ago. Despite how joyful and […]

This Affects 87 Percent Of People, But Almost No One Challenges It

Over your lifetime, you’ll spend seemingly limitless resources preparing for, diving into and executing actions related to your work. There are few things in life people spend more time, attention and money on. These “life competitors” may be one’s family, love interest or overall reason for existence, but no rocket scientist needs to make the […]

We Need To Lead Lives That Make Sense

The most confusing and heartbreaking thing is leading a life that ultimately doesn’t make sense. You can have the power and resources to do just about anything you want, but if things don’t add up between your head and your heart at the end of the day, you’re in for a life of pain, disillusionment, […]

The Obliviousness Of Some Students

Amongst the hundreds and thousands of students that roam throughout high school and college hallways every year, some know what their intentions and plans are, and some do not. This is not grounds for a blame game or any type of prideful showcasing, but neither is it grounds to assume that all are the same. There […]

It’s Not About Getting A “Job”

Jobs, jobs, jobs. We’re so focused on them. The energy that’s not spent on the job is placed towards making sure we still have one tomorrow, at least on the national level. And yet this is not always true. America’s middle class is experiencing something of an existential crisis, between job placement difficulties with college […]