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133 Ways

133 ways

133 Ways is a refreshingly succinct and conveniently handy guidebook for taking small, concrete steps to improve your life. Each section covers a different broad area of one’s lifestyle, and offers actionable recommendations for taking your fulfillment and enjoyment of life to the next level. Prompts include ways to cut the fluff with your finances, holistic health improvements, being smart about your relationships and maximizing the ROI of your time.

Brad Johnson is a Certified Life Coach by the American Union of NLP and a Certified Health and Nutrition Expert by Primal Blueprint. His articles on have been shared over 25,000 times, and his posts on Quora have been viewed by over 140,000 readers, where he is a Most Viewed Writer in multiple nutrition- and diet-related categories. Brad is also the author of multiple books, including the Rapid Series, a collection of books that cover how to quickly lose weight, ditch sugar and sleep better. For free downloads and more information about Brad’s work, please visit

133 Ways – Paperback

133 Ways – Kindle