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Blood, Sweat And Tears

Following your dreams is the most difficult thing you’ll ever do. You might think the hardest thing is getting a nice career, finding a husband or wife, purchasing a home or raising a family. While all of these things are indeed incredibly challenging and virtuous in their own right, there is no crucible so formidable […]

Dreams Versus Wishes

When we are young, we all have dreams. There is not a child who has lived who has not dreamed at some point, regardless of how brief the opportunity. Tragically, depending on where one is born, a child’s opportunity or even ability to dream can be snatched from within them before they ever have a […]

Obstacles Are Inevitable Before Success

We love doing easy things. Who doesn’t love doing easy things? It usually turns out great, is fun, it’s simple to put together and doesn’t hurt. Who doesn’t enjoy a combination like that? Easy things are easy, but are they really worthwhile? When was the last time you pulled off something easy and it really […]

The Obliviousness Of Some Students

Amongst the hundreds and thousands of students that roam throughout high school and college hallways every year, some know what their intentions and plans are, and some do not. This is not grounds for a blame game or any type of prideful showcasing, but neither is it grounds to assume that all are the same. There […]

It’s Not About Getting A “Job”

Jobs, jobs, jobs. We’re so focused on them. The energy that’s not spent on the job is placed towards making sure we still have one tomorrow, at least on the national level. And yet this is not always true. America’s middle class is experiencing something of an existential crisis, between job placement difficulties with college […]

Success Is Not An Event, It’s A Process

The instances are countless when we get wrapped up in the idea of finally making those “quick few hundred dollars,” whether that be with an online venture, a swift product sale or hitting our monthly goal for a service we provide. It’s incredibly easy to get wrapped up into this. Anyone that’s been trying to cut a […]