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Writing Clout

writing clout

Book Description

If you have an interest in writing and how you can leverage your message with it, this book was written precisely with you in mind. This book will enable you to know how to express yourself by writing, how to engage an audience and excel in the field of online business.

In Writing Clout, you’ll be able to see how the expression of ideas with the right wording can influence a great number of people, and get them to take action. Writing is that form of interaction that has no limits. It propels messages to new and permanent heights and provides enduring strength for the reader.

To excel as a writer and author, you need to discover how to be genuinely interactive with your supporters and figure out what your audience wants to read about. This eBook is a comprehensive view on writing approaches, its power to influence and how to profit alongside your mission.

In Writing Clout, you will learn about:

  • The power of the written word to carry messages to thousands
  • The mindset required for self-publishing a book
  • Writing for an audience and building a supportive community for them
  • Scaling your success
  • Becoming an expert writer
  • The art of influencing
  • How to get on the fast track to innovation
  • The long-term benefits of being original
  • And much more!