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Obstacles Are Inevitable Before Success


We love doing easy things. Who doesn’t love doing easy things? It usually turns out great, is fun, it’s simple to put together and doesn’t hurt. Who doesn’t enjoy a combination like that?

Easy things are easy, but are they really worthwhile? When was the last time you pulled off something easy and it really stuck with you?

It might have been easy to get an A on that school project in the subject that comes naturally to you, but how long did the euphoria last?

Finishing that simple work project might have been a cinch, but how many other sections of your larger goals did it assist?

Easy accomplishments feel great in the moment, but so rarely do they last longer than that – if ever. Something that came quickly probably won’t last. Fortunately, the opposite is also true.

The components of your life that will stand the test of time are essentially never going to be the ones that pop up overnight or within the span of one day. Rather, they are the projects that will genuinely pull dozens of resources from your finest skills and strengths. What requires a lot to accomplish, however, will more often than not last. This is particularly true if you care about it on a deeply emotional level.

Obstacles are inevitable on your pathway to success. What will differentiate you from those around you is how you handle your obstacles. Some people see any kind of obstacle and instantly flee. Others are more effectively persuaded in the short term, get going well, and then decide to turn back when their comfort zone has been tested long enough.

Finally, there is a third group that, no matter what, builds within themselves the resolve to overcome any obstacle in their way. These are the people who have chosen an unapologetically emotional reason (or reasons) to persist through trials, hardships and pain in order to gain what is on the other side.


There is no single reason that so many people drop dead in the midst of pursuing their dreams, but there are a number of surprisingly common reasons. People:

  • Stop dreaming
  • Didn’t establish a strong enough purpose in the first place
  • Let their perfectionism get in the way
  • Let their illusion of inadequacy get in the way
  • Sometimes didn’t even start
  • Think they’ll have to be perfect after the first instance of success
  • Grow selfish and find baser things to do
  • Try to rationalize themselves out of it
  • Tell themselves it’ll never happen
  • Keep themselves in their own way
  • Get distracted
  • Dozens more reasons…

While these reasons can be comprehended, each has a weak root that must be strengthened or removed entirely (if it is a poisonous root) in order to keep moving towards success. Each one is an excuse that must be faced head on if you are to defeat it.

Obstacles will present themselves on your path. One of the truest tests of whether or not you want what you’re going after is what you will stop for on the way. Be one of the rarest of the rare and don’t stop for anything less than completion of your goal.

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