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The Necessity Of Art


Whether you are a creatively talented person or not, chances are good that you appreciate some kind of art. Just about everyone has a band they like, movies they enjoy watching, a live performance to indulge in, or perhaps an afternoon filled with painting, sculpting or another visual art.

Art enriches the heart, mind, body and soul. Cheesy or predictable as that may sound, it really is true. With music alone there are numerous studies that confirm music’s role in the release of stress and detoxification of the mind. Music is such an innately human experience, such a viable social and cultural connecting point that it will always be around, helping people establish new meanings between each other and the various spheres of life.

Art in general is the type of thing that you simply need in your life. There is not necessarily a certain style or version that must be prescribed to everyone, but finding art that helps you unwind, recharge and recenter is absolutely vital to your existence and health. Think about what art helps you with. Who wants to be stressed without art?

Engaging in music and art can be the difference between feeling like all hope has been lost and remembering that there is always hope. It can be the difference between waking up tomorrow and giving it your best shot or simply going through the same motions you have been for years, hoping it will be enough in every new circumstance.

Below are some questions to ask yourself regarding art and music. The deeper we dive into these experiential kinds of remedies, the more likely we are to benefit from them and preserve them – not just for ourselves, but for our offspring or future.

– What music have you been listening to lately? What kind of music is it? What types of messages are contained within?

– How does music help you unwind? How does music help you de-stress? Are there any landmark songs that have helped you through a tough time, underscored a celebration, produced new inspiration or anything of the like?

– What are 1-3 quality movies you have seen recently? What did you learn about the world, other people and/or yourself while watching it/them?

– Have you had the privilege of experiencing any theater or opera performances in recent months or years? What did you like most? Was there anything you did not like?


Leave your thoughts and comments below. I’d love to hear from you and read your musings!

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