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We Need To Lead Lives That Make Sense


The most confusing and heartbreaking thing is leading a life that ultimately doesn’t make sense. You can have the power and resources to do just about anything you want, but if things don’t add up between your head and your heart at the end of the day, you’re in for a life of pain, disillusionment, apathy and/or lack of fulfillment. Here are some of the more common ways people end up leading lives that don’t make sense:

1. Making boatloads of money without giving back to people

This is perhaps one of the gravest concerns of our world and our generation. Figuring out ways to collect as much money as possible, and then not giving back. This sets us up to miss the entire point of money. Money does add value to one’s life, yes, but it is simply a resource. Nothing more, nothing less. We are born without a single dollar in our hand, and we enter the grave without a dollar in our hand. The kings will die just as the poverty-stricken will.

It is important to learn how to budget and steward one’s money, so that if and when you have enough of it, you know what to do with it more than just keeping it. Money can only add value to your life if you use it in proper ways. Start the process of giving early so you know what it feels like. If you never learn how to harness this most beautiful of traits early, it might be too painful later on and you will never know how to reap its rewards.

2. Going to school simply to “follow the rules” and hoping everything after that will work out

Simply getting education with no higher aim and grander purpose can often just weigh you down and make things more difficult once you graduate. You may feel even more confused having just left school than when you were starting. You need to set up a plan so that the valuable and precious time you spend is not squandered.

Work can be and is fulfilling when you know what you’re after. You have to develop a keen and ever-burning passionate desire for what you want to accomplish.

3. Working hard but never knowing what you’re working for

This is where countless people in corporate America get stuck. Heck, it’s where people in corporate jobs anywhere can get stuck. It is mind-numbingly easy to get locked into a corporate job for the security, benefits, stability and predictability, but these “nice things” can soon be overshadowed by far graver problems. These problems can be anything like emotional insecurity, doubt, jealousy, lack of interest, negative situations at home and tumultuous world events.

Cut to the core of what it is you really want and ask yourself why. Don’t hide from the hard questions. They come up at some point or another. More often than not, they arise sooner than later. They are bound to show up exactly when you don’t want to face them, if you do not face them first.

Life ought to be fulfilling. Don’t listen to people who try to reinforce the idea that life is nothing more (or can be nothing more) than a bleak, hopeless rat race. There is always hope. But it always starts with your mindset and the people you surround yourself with. Sometimes, this means starting your journey alone. Friends, family and colleagues will not always be there to support you. But remember that it is about daily steps, not a race, and you will be well on your way.

4. Missing out on what it’s like to help others who are in dire need

This is an echo of what was stated before. There is truly nothing that feels better than giving back. The sooner you start this practice, the better it feels and the more enjoyable the ride is. Plus, there is nothing to lose when you give. There is always something great that comes out of giving, whether that is for you or the recipient. And remember – don’t give in hopes of automatically or necessarily getting something back. The most joyous and blessed thing you can do is give freely. This is one of the highest capabilities of humans, and for good reason. Few people ever know its heights though, because so many are afraid to try it out.

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  1. Brian M. Vegaprocity Brian M. Vegaprocity

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