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Justice Is Served

justice is served

Are you a follower of the Christian faith?

Do you want to enjoy great health and vibrant relationships for many more years to come?

Are you concerned your children and grandchildren won’t be able to enjoy the same abundant, green Earth you were blessed with while growing up?

Do you identify with and come alive through acts of generosity, stewardship, compassion and justice?

Are you looking for a way to tie all of these desires together through one convenient action?

In Justice Is Served: How And Why Christian Culture Inherently Supports Veganism, you will encounter powerful arguments as to why Christians can and should adopt a vegan diet, for all of the above reasons and more.

Justice Is Served is a book dedicated to creating worldwide justice and equity through the twin aims of Christianity and veganism. Get your copy of Justice Is Served today and see how your existing values of stewardship, grace, humility, generosity, compassion and gratitude can be maximized for all of God’s creatures to permanently benefit.

At first glance, Christians and people passionate about social justice issues appear to be opposing parties. Christian circles are often just as likely to get a barbecue going as they are to volunteer in serving the needy, and neither of these actions seem troublesome on the surface. But could it be that the innate Christian desire to walk justly and serve generously is inhibited by the consumption of animal products?

A few of the many things readers will learn in Justice Is Served include:

  • Why the “need” for animal products is entirely outdated – and why you’ve been lied to
  • Where, how and why the Bible supports veganism, not opposes it – setting cynics at ease
  • How veganism makes the Christian lifestyle more logical – complementing your existing drives to serve justice
  • An easy, step-by-step system for going and staying vegan – it’s simpler than ever
  • Why veganism applies to all groups, not simply Christians – helping you bridge the gap between more people

Justice Is Served – Paperback

Justice Is Served – Kindle