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5 Reasons Being Happy Doesn’t Work As A Goal


Everyone likes to be happy. We all enjoy the feeling of pleasantness. No one inherently enjoys struggle as a process. Many living things gravitate towards the path of least resistance, because struggle is equivalent to pain.

There is nothing wrong with happiness as a byproduct of living life, but it cannot be a goal that we set for ourselves. We are actually setting ourselves up for greater failure when we mark happiness as a goal we want to reach. I will pan out a few reasons why the pursuit of happiness ends up in disappointment, alternatives for goals, and why these aspects are the way they are.

1 – When we set happiness as our goal, we are automatically creating a moment in the future that will be more upsetting. When we “reach” our goal of ‘happiness,’ we will suddenly discover that there is no such thing.

Happiness exists as an experience, not a product. 

Happiness exists as an experience, not a product. Share on X

No one can produce and manufacture happiness. The state of being happy comes about as a side effect of what we are taking action upon. Therefore…

2 – As the great Albert Einstein once said (as well as many others I’m sure), attach your pursuit of happiness to a goal, and not the state of happiness itself.

Then, you will experience the overwhelming and inexplicable joy that arises from accomplishing something that was far greater than reaching the “field of happiness” was to begin with. When we embark on the journey of a goal, our brains are put to work much more heavily and efficiently than attempting to capture happiness as an entity or object.

The human brain is more powerful, more intricate, more complex, and more capable of producing ideas and executing them than any other machine or force of life on the planet. It is therefore most happy when it is pushing itself to reach a new level of potential! When there is no ceiling, the only option for maximum growth and optimal development is to just keep going up.

3 – Even if we do reach some supposed area or height of “happiness,” the saying of “the grass is always greener on the other side of the pasture” comes into full effect.

We as humans are often easily persuaded, and rarely want to stick with one type of entertainment for so long. Despite the love you have for your favorite song, can you imagine if you needed to listen to just that one song for the rest of your life? It would become incredibly monotonous! You would never want to listen to that song ever again.

It is a similar phenomenon when searching for happiness, entertainment, or fulfillment. We always want the next fix, and the up-and-coming gadget or release, or even something that our neighbor has. These ‘things’ always seem to be better or more worthwhile. This concept was first brought up through the Bible. It is called jealousy. 🙂 That being said…

4 – It is crucial to be happy with what you have. Envy is the poison of many areas of life, especially friendships and relationships. I have experienced this first-hand, both as the giver and the recipient, and I’m sure I am not alone.

Happiness is largely being happy with what you already have. Share on X

There is nothing more demeaning, disheartening and degrading than experiencing jealousy, whether self-inflicted or by external means. Being content with what you currently possess is beneficial, both for you and those around you.

It is a never-ending race to try to keep up with every last empty pursuit in all aspects of life – a race you can’t win. Take some time to count your blessings. I guarantee it will bring a sense of calm upon you, and remind you that life isn’t so bad after all.

And now, my personal favorite:

5 – Aiming for happiness as a goal is an insult to your Creator, as well as a short-keeping of the gifts you have been bestowed with.

There is a wide world out there, and it needs your time and talents to be able to flourish as intended! Happiness will gladly come along for the ride when you affix yourself to a star of nobility in carrying out your duties. God designed life to be far more enriching than a walk in the park.The price of greatness is blood, sweat, and tears – but righteously and magnificently so!

God designed life to be far more enriching than a walk in the park. Share on X

Thank you for reading! Please be reminded of how rich an experience it is simply to be alive! There is so much to be thankful for. Enjoy striving towards your goals, and enjoy the experiences of happiness that come along with it!

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