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6 Things That Make People Extremely Happy


Everyone loves being happy. No one goes out of their way to be miserable (despite the fact that misery is just as much of a choice as being happy).

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Even though there will always be ways that we as humans can lift our own moods, I would say just about everyone deeply appreciates a surprise happiness dart – or bomb, if you like to pour it on heavy (like me).

Tipping a hat in the direction of Dale Carnegie, Tony Robbins and Zig Ziglar, here are 6 things that make people extremely happy:

1 – Using someone’s name.

Throughout every day you are going to have to encounter a few people – most likely the same people you see on a daily basis. Your family, your co-workers, your friends, your partner. Most people go through each day seeing at least one or two of these people.

It is all too easy to begin taking these people for granted and not using their names very often. This is a habit we are all guilty of, but it is one that nevertheless has the capacity to create damage.

Be mindful of those who you truly value and don’t want to take for granted. Remember to use their name now and again, and you’ll be surprised by the way their tone of voice and countenance will brighten up more often than not.

It is also said that our significant others, who we are often in most frequent communication with, are the ones who (after having been involved with them on an intimate level for a long time) we often skip on the name-usage with. Remember to stick with this idea for them as well! You never know what kinds of surprises this behavior can begin to send your way.

2 – Smiling.

This is something that I am guilty of not doing enough of. I am usually someone who wants to be serious until there is an appointed time or reason to smile or laugh. There is so much good it does to throw a few more smiles in a given day, and after all, it takes fewer muscles to create a smile than it does to create a frown.

Plus, you never know who could be having a bad day and who is keeping it to themselves. Sometimes the most unassumingly-downcast person is the one who could use some cheering up. A smile is a quick and easy way to remind them that they have a friend in you!

3 – Reminding them about a quality that they have that you genuinely appreciate or admire.

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Sometimes there is nothing more refreshing than receiving an honest token of appreciation, or vote of confidence, from a trusted and valued source. I know that would give me a boost on any day and remind me that I have someone who has my back.

It is not rare to find loyal friendships, but it can often be rare to find authentically-communicative friendships. We often know who we are most close to, but we don’t always put it into words. It is an important task to take the areas cherished by a friendship and paint a verbal picture from the fibers of connection. It may strike some as a cumbersome and uncomfortable task, but I guarantee you that at least one friendship of yours will be much better for it.

4 – Going out of your way to thank them for something.

People LOVE to be appreciated. This point cannot be stressed enough. Even people who aren’t necessarily working their butts off every day still are of the mind that they would like to be appreciated. At the end of the day, who wants to come home to a place where they will simply be ignored or neglected? Such places are breeding grounds for afflictions such as arguments, heartache, yelling, or divorce.

People want to be genuinely regarded for who they really are. No one likes receiving conditional love. The next opportunity you get, find a way to let someone know you appreciate them for something they’ve done, or for the way they’ve acted recently. All of this leads perfectly into the next section…

5 – Noticing someone, even if for something small.

No one who has ever lived has wanted to go unnoticed. And therefore, there are many reasons and behaviors people will develop as their lives move forward, so as to be noticed more and more often. There is always a reason that a particular person acts the way they do, and it can often be traced back to one of two very fundamental goals: seeking pleasure (possibly through attention), or avoiding pain (possibly through attention).

People don’t necessarily need more attention for large, frontal occurrences, such as promotions, a new car, a new house, or getting married. It’s not that these types of events or occasions aren’t praise-worthy, but they are naturally going to garner more attention than smaller, day-to-day moments.

Even if it’s someone’s birthday, or they got a haircut recently, or they are trying a new look, or something of the sort, let them know. It takes 5 seconds and it can last an entire day.

6 – Asking them about things that they like, or asking them for their opinion on something.

People absolutely love to talk about themselves and what they like. As we go about life, we collect information, experiences and objects that, naturally, allow us to become experts about ourselves. As a byproduct of this, there is often so much information that we want to relay to and discuss with those we trust, that honest conversations can go on for hours.

Next time you have a few free minutes, or are really looking for an outside thought on a project of yours, ask someone what they think about it. Most people will be politely honest when treated kindly and fairly! You never know what kind of cool, relevant information you will come across when you ask someone you know about a project or idea that you are learning more about.

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