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You See What You Want To See


There are thousands of different layers and levels of our world. Humans are such rich beings themselves so by default, our world is much more complex than anyone can truly understand. It is already a challenge to understand oneself at all times. Ipso facto, the world seems daunting and overwhelming to everyone at one point or another.

What we fail to grasp oftentimes is:

Life can truly be lived on purpose. Share on X

While life is not about controlling everything that you cross paths with, it is about facing life head on and driving through the tumult and wreckage that we all face on our own journey.

When was the last time you woke up and told yourself that no matter what happens today, you will face the day’s events with the courage of an internalized purpose? When was the last time you viewed life through a lens of what can be created, what is possible and the desire to find and fortify good things?


There is a function in your brain called the reticular activating system (RAS). This is responsible for initiating our behavior when we become aware or conscious of something. We can train our RAS to respond to certain words, objects or stimuli and in turn receive more information from these events or circumstances, or simply to be more familiar with what it is we have trained ourselves to notice.

If you start repeating “blue cars” to yourself, whether aloud or in your head, you will surely start to notice more blue cars as you continue your day. If you are a more imaginative person as well, you may also be surprised as to how intricate your thoughts may become, just from simple prompts such as this example.

How great could our daily activities, experiences and thoughts be if we were to apply that to the good, valiant, and honorable things in life? What if we coaxed our RAS to look for more passionate people? More authentic connections? Excellent pieces of art?

Try it this week, at least once. Give your RAS a shot to pick up something engaging and inspiring, and enjoy the ride after that.

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