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What’s Your Reason For Anger?


The topic of anger is regularly under-represented, and more often, misrepresented.

We do not like confronting the topic of anger because we feel there is a risk of someone becoming angry as a byproduct of discussion.

We often get angry at those who get angry too often, simply for being angry. Who likes being around a hothead?

Is It Ever Okay To Be Angry?

Anger is not a good quality all the time. There are times to be angry and times to restrain oneself.

The key to anger is the reason for it. What makes you angry? Is it a mistake that was made with the drink you ordered? Is it a rainy day when it was supposed to be sunny?

Or is it caused by the struggle of a nation overseas, the exploitation of the impoverished, injustice towards the helpless, or the apathy of those who are capable of so much more?

Anger Can Have A Purpose

An angry person who is acting towards destruction for destruction’s sake is not permissible. We rarely allow ourselves to become angry for the right reasons. We grow indignant when we did not get the type of iPhone we wanted instead of becoming choleric over the mistreatment of those who cannot defend themselves.

It is time for a daily revolution of what makes us angry.

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