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When Was The Last Time You Laughed With Your Whole Heart?


How often do we laugh with our entire bodies – our entire beings?

It is common to see people nervously chuckling, giggling from afar, or making strange hissing or chirp-like noises in response to jokes or odd situations, but it is not common to see people doubling over in supreme, gut-busting laughter.

Not in most contexts, anyway. Perhaps you will see this on a Saturday night in a comedy club. But it is not as regular as it should be to see this type of laughter shared between friends on an average Tuesday.

Have You Felt The True Power Of Laughter?

Have you felt the true power of laughter? Share on X

It struck me hard that this is not a good thing. Laughter is an incredibly potent (and free) medicine for the whole body, so it is unusual that we do not partake in it more often, especially in healthy ways.

It is not okay to laugh at someone else’s expense, or to approve of any kind of foul humor through laughter. This type of recreation is despicable.

Laughter Heals The Soul

The type of laughter I am talking about is that which arises from two friends revisiting a hilarious memory, enjoying a well-spirited comedic show or movie, or perhaps coming across a phrase through a discussion that renders all participants nearly crying of laughter. This is the type of laughter that helps people to bond and create lasting connections.

Laughter lifts the spirit and reminds us that life is bearable.

Laughter lifts the spirit and reminds us that life is bearable. Share on X

Take a moment today to find something mirthful and harmless to laugh about, and share it with someone you are close to. You never know how much one authentic laugh can help raise the outlook of someone’s day.

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