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The Obliviousness Of Some Students


Amongst the hundreds and thousands of students that roam throughout high school and college hallways every year, some know what their intentions and plans are, and some do not. This is not grounds for a blame game or any type of prideful showcasing, but neither is it grounds to assume that all are the same.

There are dozens (hundreds, even) of students who dial in, hit their mark, know their purpose and strive forward with confidence. These students are making the best of their time, unconsumed by lesser concerns such as which friends to please and who to impress. This post is not about such students.

My plea here is for students who are moping about and assuming that they have all the time in the world to do anything to wake up and realize that life simply does not go this way. You do have time, yes, but it is right now. We are not promised anything more than the moment we currently hold in our hands.

School, or more appropriately known as the public institutions regarded as educational machines, does give students a certain amount of time to gather more ideas about what they seem to do best, and better yet, what they love to do. And true, it often does not afford kids the amount of time they feel they need or wish they had. This typically goes hand in hand with the availability of resources through which students can hone their abilities. But school is not a “prep-all” for the student. There are many things school misses, whether by design or accident.

Taking risks and trying new things out is never impossible. But the older one gets, certain risks can often feel less predictable or more like work rather than pure passion being unleashed. To some extent, this changes based on the individual at hand. However, there is no time as ripe or as full of possibility as the present. A landscape and subsequent horizon can change more quickly than it seems based on a small collection of actions. This works in both constructive and destructive ways.

Use what you have now, what’s right in front of you, to do the very best you can while you have it. If you are a good steward of the gifts, opportunities, relationships, resources and time you’ve been given, the likelihood of a bountiful return on your work and investment is very good.

Don’t just go through the motions, hoping to make it by in time to pass what you need to pass. Life is a bit more complex than simply passing or failing. We usually land somewhere in the grey. No one can be perfect, but everyone has more potential than pure failure. Cut out your stepping stones now in the direction of your dreams and take up the courage to follow through.

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