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Have You Opened Your Gifts Today?


When is the last time you opened a gift you received? Perhaps it was a Christmas gift, a birthday gift or something related to a day of great significance in your life. Perhaps you were lucky enough to have gotten married recently, and you opened wedding gifts not too long ago.

Despite how joyful and enriching these days can be, there are gifts many people go throughout life without touching at all. It’s perhaps one of the saddest realities of our modern world.

The Unopened Gifts

Everyone has been given unique gifts in life. This phrase may tragically be something you’ve heard hundreds of times, and now you’re used to tuning it out and looking for other “advice”. Fortunately, when looked at correctly, the above phrase holds as much truth as it ever has and the world is far past due in acting on every inch of this truth.

People don’t take the time to explore or become grateful for their gifts because of two reasons:

  1. Life as we currently know it does not provide enough opportunities for real gifts to be used on a daily basis
  2. Opportunity always means some kind of struggle first, and most people quit before they’ve even truly begun

Admittedly, this makes it difficult for thousands of people to really believe they have gifts. Countless individuals are told to simply find some line of work that pays their bills and then some, and people live whole lives without challenging the status quo or looking deeper.

Yet, some people insist on finding out what the deeper truth is, and these people are rewarded. First, it’s a matter of recognizing your gifts so you know where you can excel.

What’s the number one way to gain clarity and experience with your own gifts? Start putting things into practice today.

When you have a leaning towards a particular activity, it’s there for a reason. Following desires to the point of full execution is how far you have to go to find out if you actually like it or not.

Keep in mind that just because you enjoy something doesn’t mean it will go perfectly the first time. The brother to this truth is that you may also run into experiences where you enjoy the result but not the work itself.

Work With Your Gifts To Create Gifted Work

The key to finding truly fulfilling work that employs your gifts is finding “real-time” work activities that you enjoy on a deep level.

There will always be encounters with pain when using real gifts. This is because everyone’s story involves pain. Some of the most painful parts of your story will be connected to your best work. Never try to drown out pain, because it’s always going to teach you something.

The encounters with pain while using your gifts means your work is being used to help others in their own hardships and to speak truth. The Earth is a communal space, meaning we’re all bound to each other on multiple levels.

People need to be encouraged by one another in order to do their best work. When you unlock the potential to doing your best work, it involves doing what you love, with people you care about, as long as you want and as deeply as you want.

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