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Success Is Not An Event, It’s A Process


The instances are countless when we get wrapped up in the idea of finally making those “quick few hundred dollars,” whether that be with an online venture, a swift product sale or hitting our monthly goal for a service we provide.

It’s incredibly easy to get wrapped up into this. Anyone that’s been trying to cut a fast one knows how paradoxically and infuriatingly slow it can be. “If I just make this few hundred dollars, or even one significant sale, I’ll be all set and more money will start rolling in soon.”

In truth, this rarely happens, and we just wish it would happen at all. Then we wish it could happen more. We think the one success means boatloads of more success is right around the corner.

People would like to think this way (myself included), but more often than not, it just doesn’t work out. In many cases, our intentions and motives can be in a decent or healthy place. But the mechanics of business and making money – especially with other humans at the root – means there’s a bit more work involved than just push-button-profits.

In fact, it’s usually more than just a bit more work. It’s typically weeks and months more work. If the desire is where it needs to be, you have your work ethic centered, a game plan is established and set in motion and you won’t quit because you’re sacrificing your darndest to help other people solve their problems, you can be sure that you are on the true path to success.

As Bob Burg once said, success is simply a matter of bringing value to the marketplace in a fashion through which people enhance their lives and solve their problems.

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