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4 Ways The Youth Of Today Are The Nation’s Sleeping Giant

sleeping giant

The youth of America (as well as the world) are in many ways a sleeping giant. There is untold potential in every single life that inhabits this nation, but particularly our youth. Let us be honest and look at a number of the points that reveal the untapped potential of our upcoming generations.

1 – The youth of today are more culturally diverse than they ever have been. Racism is not an innate view, and this can be shown by how young children and toddlers interact with each other.

The youth of today are more in-tune with each other’s cultures and ancestors than any other time in history. This must not be taken for granted at all. If the world is to become more cohesive and work together to achieve common and necessary goals, we must look past our very small differences and acknowledge our very large similarities. This is refreshingly possible through the increasingly manifested tolerance of upcoming generations.

2 – Technology has enabled worldwide connection of greater ease than ever before, and the young people of today are best in touch with the rapidly developing facets of technology.

As long as we keep encouraging coding education and learning more about machines and technology in general, there will not be much to worry about. If we are to keep our progression of (and massive use of) technology at a healthy point of stability, it is up to us to ensure that we know as much as possible at all times about the technology that already exists.

Today’s children and teenagers have the most fluid interactions with this technology already primarily because they are growing up with it. The way you use today’s most advanced technology is how you used the most contemporary technology when you were experiencing childhood and adolescence.

3 – As methods of education continue to improve, there will be more opportunities to right the many wrongs that face the world today. Knowledge is power, and there has never been a more expansive – or critical – time to continue ensuring that knowledge is placed in the hands of those who need to use it best. The youth of today are the adults of tomorrow, so it must be placed within their hands.

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It is absolutely vital to keep placing an emphasis on the continual development of education reform. As much as my public schooling years were very bittersweet times, I have learned over more recent years that there really is nothing more imperative than constant learning and education, and of a quality level. The world will not be improved with better standardized testing. It will be improved with high-quality, well-rounded, holistic education. When put within reach of all of today’s youth, untold things can happen.

4 – Nearly all kids are born very creative, with dozens of ideas soaring through their heads.

Most leadership organizations and society’s authority figures agree that creativity is the number one characteristic needed for success in the new economic and business world. If this is so, and if some of our greatest social and business leaders agree on this, then it is far beyond time we give our children greater resources and opportunities to unleash their creative spirits.

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Yes – science, technology, engineering, math and other such fields have their place. But it is no question that the arts and creative outlets have been suppressed, particularly in public schools, for years. Sir Ken Robinson delivered two of my all-time favorite TED talks on this very topic.

Do Schools Kill Creativity?

How To Escape Education’s Death Valley

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