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4 Fantastic Reasons To Make eBooks A Pillar Of Your Business


It’s pretty much no longer argued about: eBooks, when done correctly, are the perfect addition (or even foundation) for your online marketing. Whether using free eBooks or offering them at a price where people cannot say no, here are four fantastic reasons to make eBooks a pillar of your online business:

1. A quality eBook can be created relatively quickly and with low funding

One way that tons of people have created eBooks quickly is by combining articles they’ve already written on a particular subject. All you need to do to maintain high quality value is ensure you’re providing readers with information they want, and change the structure a little bit.

Here’s what I mean by this: You should not simply compile any list of articles in a random order, put a cover on it and charge people for it. There should be distinctive qualities (and even bonus material) in the eBook that your readers cannot find anywhere else.

If writing isn’t quite your forte (yet), you can find a high quality PLR eBook and rebrand it so it’s your material. However, the same tip from above applies here: You need to restructure the content a bit, and add some original material. Otherwise, it’s truly just someone else’s content with your name slapped on it.

2. eBooks can reach a larger audience

When you publish a book with Kindle or CreateSpace, if you have “all your ducks in a row” with your book, things can really accelerate. The catch here is to be making quality material at every turn. Readers want precise information that comes from an expert, with more quality information than they were expecting, at a price they can’t deny. These factors, combined with an eye catching cover, can yield results faster than you’d think.

From this point, your only limiting factor is the enthusiasm readers have for your book. This means it’s absolutely essential your eBook contains a few elements that get people to share it like wildfire. Some of the best ways to do this are the following:

  • Offer a free eBook just for downloading your book
  • Include witty humor that makes the reading experience enjoyable
  • Write a short, punchy book rather than one that’s drawn out
  • Offer an exclusive giveaway that’s time-sensitive

As you’re setting up your bonuses and incentives, keep in mind that people love to know something that the rest of the world needs to know. People love to be seen as the authoritative body on a subject, so they are likely to share your work when it contains something that other people can get value from.

3. Leverage higher-dollar products through free or low cost eBooks

You should always be pointing readers to other products and services you have to offer. If someone loved your book and got a ton of value out of it, they’re likely to check out your website to find out more information. When an individual’s trust is built up, they want to continue seeing results, so they’ll seek out other products you’ve created.

4. Build your positive reputation with eBooks

eBooks are one of the fastest, highest quality and “transmittable” ways to spread a positive reputation. The word “authority” has the root word “author”, meaning when you write a book or books, you’re building your reputation as someone who has authority. If readers have a powerfully positive experience from your book, they’re 10 times more likely to pass this experience along to other people who can benefit from what you’re sharing.

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