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4 Ways To Make Money Using Only An Email List


When all is said and done, an email list is the number one component you need to make an Internet business successful.

Even for smaller ventures such as niche sites and certain service-based sites, reliable email contact is essential for generating quality sales and deepening your reach. You’ll rarely see any kind of authority site or e-commerce hub without an email list being marketed.

An email list allows any company or entrepreneur to make repeated contact with their prospects, clients and partners. There’s no mode of communication that’s more reliable and convenient while also being personal.

When someone opts in to your email list, they’re providing their consent to be emailed in the future when you have something to share with them. It’s best to send four to five emails with high quality content for every sales email you broadcast. This is a time-tested way to build trust and camaraderie with your subscribers, instead of constantly turning them off with persistent sales offers.

As you can see at this point, building an email list is crucial. Those who don’t have one in 2016 and beyond are going to find it’s simply something you can’t do without, and must treat with a high level of sincerity. As Buck Flogging, famed Internet entrepreneur has repeatedly touted, transparency and authenticity are the future of Internet marketing, for reasons many more than email lists.

While producing and distributing content should be markedly high on your business priority list, the savvy marketer knows how to utilize all opportunities for profit. Here are some genuine ways to make money via your email list, with the right timing and full sincerity:

1. Make money residually with relevant affiliate products and services

It’s no secret that hundreds of people make extra money online via affiliate marketing through email lists. When you make sales offers with products that are already in line with your clients’ desires, you’re sure to see higher profit.

With every sale you make through your email list, the according company or entrepreneur will pay you a commission. This is such a popular option because it’s an easier one. Be mindful about how you’re promoting, and what you’re asking of people, but otherwise it’s hard to go wrong.

2. Sell eBooks and article compilations to your list

The more a product is done-for-you, the more likely people will be to buy it and pay top dollar for it. Derek Halpern talks in one of his videos about how people will even pay up to three times more for convenience.

How-to books, comprehensive manuals, templates, courses, detailed walk-throughs and compilations of useful information are in higher demand than they’ve ever been. Hundreds of people are willing to shell out major dollars for products and services, if you can position the product with their needs and wants. It truly can be as simple as this.

3. Create a powerful, multi-tier network out of your list to make money

Naturally, you want to drive traffic and interest towards your list, but as your email list is growing in size, make a point to watch the type of people who are signing up. The more you can build a network out of your list, the closer you’ll be to all kinds of leverage when it comes to doing webinars, live events, book packages, joint ventures and everything in between.

4. Continually expand and act upon your network

While it’s a smart idea to look for JV partners outside of your list, it’s also a smart idea to look on your list. After all, some of your competitors may be subscribed to your list! There’s also the possibility that someone on your list can be a fantastic product or service partner, if your goals are similar enough.

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