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At The Peak – Tomes Of A Healing Heart

at the peak

This is coming in fast, this is coming in strong

We’re bound by what we share inside
You won’t have to remind me this time
It’s taken one failure too many, too long
And when the day’s over there’s but one song

What’s with that look in your eye?
The least you can do is give this a try.

Conquering mountains you thought
You’d merely set foot upon in your dreams.

Take a step forward, and let this flood over you.

Bleeding conviction and action
There’s no question you mean it
Now clean up your wounds,
And let this be your backdrop for victory

Tomorrow won’t be waiting for you
Bring it forth or send it home
It’s not a question of what to do
With your heart of gold and gut of stone

Letting another pave your paths
Will only draw them short
There’s no one stopping you
There’s nothing stopping you


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tomes of a healing heart

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