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A Room With No Windows – Tomes Of A Healing Heart

a room with no windows


I’m pushed to my limits

I can’t believe you would do this

Where has your sanity gone?

Set up simply to fall

Were there any roots from the beginning?

You set the stage, donned your mask

And played the part oh so perfectly

Was there any shred of certainty in you?

Or were you consumed by your own doubt?

I thought we could make this happen.

I thought we were built to last.

Call me a fool, but I was in.

At least I gave it my all.


Trying to make sense of this catastrophe

Is like trying to believe you were never real.

You had me convinced.

Is laughter supposed to be the sunshine

For the man now shivering in freezing wind?

Was this a test

To establish my manhood?

Boxed in, I have nowhere left to go.

It’s not that I wanted to run,

But I can’t use these legs that feel like arms.


I can’t seem to see

How you’re content with this place

A room with no windows,

A body without a face.

The only hope I hold for you

Is that you’ll find your way out one day.

This can’t play out well

If you’re always trying to stay safe.


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tomes of a healing heart

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