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Assail The Legions – Tomes Of A Healing Heart

assail the legions

Assail the legions of this shallow sea
Take arms, my brother
For peace times are long forgotten
This voyage is not for the weak in spirit

The unfaithful and the twofaced
Stand about the ever-shifting realm of complacency
We rest in this uphill battle
Knowing our fight shall ne’er be in vain

To the crevasse we must descend
We face the reigning fear
Embracing this pit of gloom
Will evoke an uprising
Only then will we raise our fists
In triumph

I’ve been doused with the vile waters of bitterness
Held captive by the swarms of envy
But I cannot leave the beacon on high
Unanswered, with all that remains of time

I won’t quit the journey
That I’ve dreamt since my dawn
I’ll keep pushing for the freedom
We’ve both buried in our hearts

You and I will reach the pinnacle
Of our generation
Set your sights high
For there is no turning back


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tomes of a healing heart

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