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The Backstreets – Tomes Of A Healing Heart

the backstreets

There’s little left in this town
All trying to bring them under their roof
Without ears to listen
Keep the peace, at all costs
At least so the outsiders know
There is no clamour
Setting foot in familiar territory
Becomes foreign with another’s welcome
The land has never been this vacant
Resting in agreement
Cannot be fit to stay

And now there’s gunsmoke in the air
The true state of affairs has been revealed
The people lie complacent
Convinced that their beds and walls
Are the kings of security
The battleground is strewn with life
And as the crevice of apathy grows wider
The struggle burns higher
The sweat of contingency falls
Landing silently

As the blood of conviction is shed
Wiped away to place another step
Yea, verily I say unto you
Your sweat will pour
As the light bends this corner
This torch is yours, if you wish to bear it.


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tomes of a healing heart

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