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7 Ways To Use Simplicity In Your Writing


When you think about getting your message across to your audience, it is helpful to remember that language is the primary conductor between your brain and the minds of your audience. Ineffective language can weaken and even completely distort what you are trying to say.

The key to making your message work is using simplicity. Sometimes people try to sound smart by using big words. However, this doesn’t make you look as smart as possible, and it often just confuses people. Simple and concise is what you should be aiming for to make your message stand out. Here are seven ways to use simplicity in your writing.

7. Cull All Dead And Unnecessary Words

Once you’ve written your article, go back and cull. If you can take a word out, do it – always. As the saying goes, “Less is best.”

6. Active Voice Over Passive Voice

This one is a common problem as writers often don’t understand the difference. Passive is “The man was struck by lightning”, and active is “Lightning struck the man”. Active is concise, clear and more emotionally gripping.

5. Stay Away From Ambiguous Terms, Scientific Language And Jargon

This one can be a bit tricky as there is a lot of technical, descriptive writing on the Internet. Your niche may require more of this type of writing than others. However, keep it as accessible as you can to appeal to the typical Internet reader. If your target audience is highly specialized then make a judgement call, but still do your best to not baffle them, as you want your message to reach all possible consumers.

4. Practice Your Craft

Using simplicity in your writing won’t come overnight, so practice. Your first efforts aren’t always your best, but that’s okay. Keep at it, and you’ll master this over time.

3. Have Something (Beneficial) To Say

Make sure you’ve got something relevant and beneficial to say. Think about what you personally read about before you publish your next piece. Is it a topic or piece of information you’d be equally enthused about reading on another blog or website?

Do your research and choose your subjects well. It makes writing easier, faster and often more enjoyable. When you’ve got nothing (beneficial) to say, you will end up writing content that might have some accurate information, but won’t deliver much real value.

2. Master Brief Sentences

Keeping sentences short makes it easy for your reader to understand your message. Each sentence should have one simple idea. Making it too long will only confuse your readers, increasing the likelihood your reader will stop consuming the article or unsubscribe altogether.

1. Speak, Don’t Ramble

Unfortunately a lot of writers do this. They ramble on for pages and pages and only dilute the message. Keep it simple and to the point. Narrow down the singular ideas you’re working to convey, and support the raw ideas with emotional verbiage. I hope you’ve found these tips helpful, and if you’ve got any to add I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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