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5 Hot Tips To Make Your Kindle Book A Roaring Success

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Kindle publishing is a relatively new platform. It’s been successful because authors love the ease of publishing and readers love the large number of eBooks that are available at insanely reasonable prices. There is no fee to authors for publishing and the Amazon site has a huge number of buyers just looking for new books to read. Here are five tips to help you make a success of your Kindle publishing business.

5. You Are Making A Long-Term Commitment

For your eBook to be successful, you can’t just write it quickly, put it on Kindle and cross your fingers that it will bring in lots of money for many years. That is not a good marketing plan and you’ll make little to no money. You have to promote your eBook correctly or it will sink into oblivion among all the other Kindle eBooks that are available.

When you publish on Kindle, you won’t have a dedicated marketing or publishing team. The success of your book is entirely up to you. Promotion is not expensive or difficult, but you have to get adequate exposure for your eBook online or it won’t sell.

So when you choose your topic, remember that you will have to live with it for a long time. Don’t pick a topic that you’re not interested in just because it looks like it will make money. If you don’t enjoy talking about the topic, you will be bored before long and the sales of your eBook will suffer.

4. Don’t Obsess Over Page Count

Some new Kindle authors become so obsessed with a certain page count that they get to the middle of their eBook, run out of material and give up. Kindle accepts almost all page counts, so don’t worry too much about this area. Just write your eBook, making sure to include all relevant material while leaving out the fluff and your Kindle book will be just fine.

3. Use A Proofreader

Even if you are a native English writer you should have someone else proofread your eBook for errors. That’s because it’s harder than expected to see mistakes in your own work. You need someone else to check your grammar, spelling and word use. This is especially important if English is not your first language.

More eBooks have tanked because of editing mistakes than because of any other reason. Readers will quickly lose faith in your content if they have to work their way through your mistakes. It can be very distracting, so don’t let that happen to your Kindle book.

2. Make Sure Your eBook Is Formatted Properly

When you read through the comments on many eBooks on Kindle, you will see they were rated low because of formatting mistakes. But it’s not that hard to format correctly and it’s easy to make changes after you publish if you discover errors later. Like spelling and grammar errors, formatting mistakes can be deadly to the success of your eBook.

1. Don’t Game The System

There are many “Kindle success” authors out there who will encourage you to buy fake positive reviews for your eBook. You don’t need those reviews to be successful, so just don’t do it. After your Kindle book is published, your satisfied readers will leave lots of great reviews. Just write a smashingly informative and helpful eBook and the positive reviews will come.

Kindle is the best way for authors to get their eBooks published today. You don’t have to find an agent, sell your eBook to a publisher or follow the publisher’s rules. Instead, you will have a Kindle eBook that is yours alone with endless possibilities for success.

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