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15 Essential Ideas For Engaging Blog Content

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When it comes to building a relationship with an audience, blogging is hard to beat. Content marketing allows you to present engaging articles to targeted readers, with the potential for creating long-term buyers. While you don’t necessarily need to update your blog each day, there is always a desire for interesting content, so it helps if you can be consistent.

This consistency can cause problems, though, with many writers struggling to think of new ideas. These 15 essential ideas for engaging blog content can all be used in rotation to create intriguing, varied posts.

15. How-To

A how-to guide, when based on an evergreen topic, can bring in new visitors for many months and years. This type of post should be a detailed tutorial that accurately explains a process or method in your niche. Keep the tone personal but informative, add value every step of the way and you can’t go wrong!

14. FAQ

There are common questions to be found in any niche. A FAQ post should attempt to answer these questions in a way that makes it a go-to resource for your visitors.

13. Recommended Resources

Collating a list of resources makes life easier for your readers. An Internet marketing blog, for example, could list all the tools you use to run your business on a daily basis. A good recommended resources post should uncover many hidden gems that are relatively unknown.

12. Case Study

A case study can take time to develop, but it will provide a valuable insight into a topic. If you are promoting a fitness course, you could take the course yourself to report back your findings. Look for ways to integrate your business activities with a detailed case study.

11. Lists

Readers tend to enjoy lists, with a carefully crafted post usually encouraging debate. For example, a movie blog could list the best ever films to start a conversation in the comment section.

10. Video

Many people prefer to watch videos than read articles (especially younger audiences), so try to offer alternative content styles if possible. Videos can be time-consuming to create, but there is nothing wrong with providing your point of view on an existing video.

9. Infographic

Infographics are still popular, with a quality post having the potential for many reposts and social shares. There are many graphic designers who provide infographics, but ensure the actual data you use is engaging and informative.

8. Industry News

Industry news might seem to be a minor interest, but plenty of people want to know insider information. If you become known for offering industry news, you can often ensure the most hardcore fans return to your blog.

7. Divisive Opinion

There will be a number of niche topics that draw a variety of differing opinions. Don’t be afraid to create posts that offer a distinct point of view. There will inevitably be people who want to argue, but this is a great opportunity to engage readers in the comment section.

6. Highlights

A highlights post could be based around the most popular posts of the week, the top comments from readers, or recommended posts from around the web. Readers will appreciate getting this information from a single location.

5. Crowdsource

Crowdsourcing lets you collect opinions from a number of leading experts in your field. First, create a theme, then contact a number of experts, and finally build your post. Most people will be glad to contribute because they are looking for opportunities to develop their brand.

4. Social Media Opinions

If your niche becomes a talking point in some way, collect the most informed views for a post. You could simply embed a number of tweets, but you can enhance the post by including your own editorial.

3. Review

Readers will come to trust your opinions, so look for opportunities to write reviews. Product reviews are likely to be the most popular, but you can also include alternative ideas like industry events.

2. Giveaway

A prize giveaway can be used to generate interest in your post. You could stipulate that entrants must recommend the post on their social media network, with the potential to go viral increasing.

1. Throwback

The longer your blog has been active, the more data you will accrue. A throwback post could be based on an older, successful post, with your data indicating an appropriate article. Update the post, add a small amount of additional content, and you can expect a similar, positive response.

Each of these ideas can be rotated, so you should never run out of content for your blog. Readers can often tire of the same type of post, so injecting variety should help keep things fresh. With careful planning, your blog can become the go-to location for your niche.

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