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You Can Make A Difference As One Person

make a difference

Just about everyone goes through a point in their life where they feel useless, pointless and completely alone. Those who do not experience this at any point are the lucky ones. Truth be told, anyone who can flat out deny having felt this feeling is probably lying, but only God can know.

We all have experiences that leave us feeling like the odd one out. Sometimes it’s a family discussion that turns sour. Sometimes it’s being left out of a school activity or having no one turn to greet you in the halls. Sometimes it’s being at work and feeling like you’re merely another blind mouse on an entirely stationary wheel. Sometimes it’s having an intellectual or meaningful discussion with friends or peers and being ridiculed for what you stand for. Sometimes it’s being avoided or shunned because of a certain lifestyle choice. Sometimes, you don’t know what it is, but people can’t seem to understand you, which leaves you in a cloud of frustration, perhaps immensely sad or angry at yourself.

First of all, I want you to know that you are not alone, and that feeling alone from time to time is completely normal. It’s an inescapable human experience. Even when we’re outcasts, we long to fit in, and we’ll often do whatever it takes to have a few people by our side.

At other times, this feeling of aloneness can translate to feeling useless, because of how large the world is, and the seeming futility of trying to make a difference. But the truth lies just under one’s nose.

The truth is, even though the world is incredibly massive, with over 7 billion people at last count, every single person plays a role in their own world. There is always someone in your world who you influence and have an effect on, even if just in a small way. Each individual has the capacity to shape and guide the thoughts, words and actions of another. By nature of who we are as humans, we cannot help looking at others and assessing their behaviors. Even the most introverted or analytical of people are influenced by the actions of others, leading to new reflections of their own.

You can make a difference as one person. You just need to remember to act like it. Contrary to what most people believe, power resides where people believe it resides, not where it merely appears to take the throne. That is what makes living your own life to the fullest so attractive and viable, once you realize what you are working with.

Are you feeling depressed because you feel alone? Do you think your words and actions don’t matter? Are you trying to live out the change you want to see, but you feel no one’s listening? Tell us about what you’re going through below.

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