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The Story Of A Writer, And How He Is Helping Other Writers


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Jeff Goins is a full-time writer, or “authorpreneur”, as some would refer to him. Born in Chicagoland, IL but now relocated to Franklin, TN, Goins has been helping other writers find their voice and platform for a number of years. His own journey wasn’t always so peachy keen, however. Years before breaking into the non-fiction limelight, Goins was a struggling creative himself, halfway between passionate artist and comfortable sojourner.

When Goins was still a marketing director at a non-profit, he was attempting the same rhythm many failed writers have donned: drudgery without structure. He knew he wanted to be a writer deep down, but he didn’t feel like one yet. As a result, he simply kept putting out content according to what he thought people would like. This continued for months, even years on end, as Goins tried to capture the attention of blog visitors despite lacking a way to measure what people really wanted.


Credit: Aaron Burden

It wasn’t until later that he committed himself afresh to a new method, complete with a new marketing slogan. Through the help of a fellow professional, Goins’ flagship course Tribe Writers championed the following: “Get your writing the attention it deserves”. A simple seven-word headline proved to be the most memorable piece of copy about writing I had ever come across, and a newfound appreciation for marketing fell into place for me.

The story being told through this headline is twofold. It scratches the innate itch we all have for our work to be meaningful and noticeable, and it hits the sweet spot between encouraging one’s passion and finding ways to bring it to life. Goins shares that for seven years, he was merely kicking the tires with his own writing, never disciplining himself to bring his craft to a professional level. After working with enough diligence to reach sustainable success, he distilled his work into 12 steps that he now teaches to other budding writers.

The reason I latched onto this marketing copy and story so much is because Jeff Goins has lived what he now widely shares. He waded through the mire of his own failures before promoting his strategies for success. What’s more, Goins frequently iterates across his webinars and conferences that “it’s never too late to become a writer”, reminding everyone who listens that your writing can be the next creative celebration, if you discipline yourself accordingly.

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