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Gwawdodyn Hir: Poetic Forms

Poetic Form Fridays are made to share various poetic forms. This week, we look at the gwawdodyn hir, a Welsh six-line stanza or poem.

Gwawdodyn Hir Poems

The gwawdodyn hir is a six-line Welsh poetic form that may sound familiar to regular readers, because we just covered the gwawdodyn byr last week.

(List of poetic forms.)

Here are the basic guidelines:

  • Sestet (or six-line stanza) form
  • Nine syllables in the first four lines
  • Ten syllables in the final two lines
  • Lines one, two, three, four, and six end rhyme
  • The end of line five rhymes with a syllable in line six

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Here’s my attempt:

Languish, by Robert Lee Brewer

Move the blood around your beating heart
and provide our love a chance to start
as if you’re the horse and I’m the cart
or lost explorer without a chart
to know the universe or words to say
through these silent days when we’re both apart.

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