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Weakness – Tomes Of A Healing Heart



Oh God, I lie here in desperation
Prostrate before your throne
I am shackled to the worst of myself
I am the unholy one
Misery cloaks its cold fingers around me
I dare not witness the daylight
Lest the truth wreck my ever so delicate,
Ever so fragile bones
But I cannot bear this burden any longer
My own breath demands emancipation
These bones cannot heal
Until they are entirely broken

Crush them beneath me
Rip the foundation from my feet
If it will only serve to defeat me
On new ground I must make my stand
I must be empty and be weak
Before I can be filled again
I must rid myself of sin
Before Your grace
I am not worthy to be alive
But you have given me life anyways


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tomes of a healing heart

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