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3 Unstoppable Forces Of Heavy Music

I have been listening to heavy music regularly since I was in middle school. It became an outlet for me at a young age, through which I am sure many frustrating times and painful experiences were alleviated. Despite my love for many musical styles, there are a few key aspects regarding the reality and community […]

4 Ways The Youth Of Today Are The Nation’s Sleeping Giant

The youth of America (as well as the world) are in many ways a sleeping giant. There is untold potential in every single life that inhabits this nation, but particularly our youth. Let us be honest and look at a number of the points that reveal the untapped potential of our upcoming generations. 1 – […]

3 Blessings That Arise From Painful Times

This year has probably been the single year in my life so far when I have most grown. It has not been beautiful, it has not been easy, and it hasn’t given me immense joy. But without a doubt, it has brought me incredible growth. For the following reasons, I am quite grateful. What are […]

When Was The Last Time You Laughed With Your Whole Heart?

How often do we laugh with our entire bodies – our entire beings? It is common to see people nervously chuckling, giggling from afar, or making strange hissing or chirp-like noises in response to jokes or odd situations, but it is not common to see people doubling over in supreme, gut-busting laughter. Not in most […]

What’s Your Reason For Anger?

The topic of anger is regularly under-represented, and more often, misrepresented. We do not like confronting the topic of anger because we feel there is a risk of someone becoming angry as a byproduct of discussion. We often get angry at those who get angry too often, simply for being angry. Who likes being around […]

The Secret Of Giving That Makes Your Life Infinitely Better

How often do we wake up and remind ourselves how wonderful and incredibly blessed it is to be breathing air? Sounds too simple, right? “What’s the catch?” you ask. There’s got to be a deeper secret to having a grateful and giving heart. Honestly, there’s not. I am just as guilty as the next guy […]