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The Life Of An Artist 0003: Your Life Needs Art

Your life needs art like mashed potatoes need (vegan) butter. It makes everything richer. Life without art is like day without sun. There is nothing to recognize, and the small moments of life go unappreciated. Your life needs art because art is what reflects life back into you. Your life needs art because art challenges […]

The Life Of An Artist 0002: The Time Will Pass

Whether you are working on art… Or not, The time will pass. While it is a human construct, it affects you as it does me. Age works its tasks upon you, And you are given the results of all your moments added up. It’s within every moment that passes that you decide What type of […]

The Life Of An Artist 0001: You’re Going To Wonder

You’re going to wonder if it’s worth being a creative. There will be times where you doubt your skills, your desires, your abilities. You will want to quit before things get tough. You’ll want to make discipline seem like it’s a mountain instead of small, daily tasks. This is to remind you that none of […]

The Story Of A Writer, And How He Is Helping Other Writers

Jeff Goins is a full-time writer, or “authorpreneur”, as some would refer to him. Born in Chicagoland, IL but now relocated to Franklin, TN, Goins has been helping other writers find their voice and platform for a number of years. His own journey wasn’t always so peachy keen, however. Years before breaking into the non-fiction […]

How To Become A Better Writer: Leaving A Legacy, Part 12 Of 12

This is it! This is the final How To Become A Better Writer post! I have slacked off many times in the middle of completing this series… But I am proud to say it has finally come full circle. Forcing myself to finish this no matter what ensured I became a better writer and I […]

How To Become A Better Writer: Writing Forever, Part 11 Of 12

This is the second to last “How To Become A Better Writer” post! I’ve tried to pack this series as full of value as possible and I’m going to try to top that with the final two posts! This penultimate post deals with one of my favorite subjects within writing: coming up with enough ideas […]