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4 Things Your Articles Must Have To Bring You Repeat Customers


The weight, value and long-term gains of articles in today’s Internet-based marketplace is immeasurable. They still provide a lot of value for enabling success and consistently driving traffic to one’s site.

Every online entrepreneur should take care to craft and utilize high quality articles on their site (or articles that direct to their site). Articles provide two things: driving consistent traffic to websites over long periods of time, and increasing rankings for a particular webpage. The higher a site ranks in a search engine, the larger slice of “traffic pie” a site will get.

Once you have a handle on traffic for your website, the sky truly is the limit. Generating solid, targeted traffic is simply the beginning (and the foundation) of a wildly successful Internet business.

However, getting a great article completed is not just about stuffing your site with articles. There are certain quality requirements they need to pass as well. These requirements must be met to unlock the maximum benefits an article will provide for your business.

A well-written article will catch the eyes, interest and heart of your customers and keep them coming back for more. They’re also more likely to recommend your site to others via word-of-mouth.

I’ve put together my best four tips for every article, in order to be successful with article marketing and getting your site to become packed with traffic.

1. Keywords and keyword phrases

An article’s content must always be centered on its keywords and keyword phrases.

As each website visitor goes to a site, everyone is going to browse around, but people are always online to find information of some kind.

To begin this process, a user will open their search engine of choice and type in the keyword phrase (short tail or long tail) they are looking for. In almost all cases, people are looking for solutions to a problem they’re having, or further information on something they don’t know much about. It can involve any detail they’re interested in.

The important bit here is that you have an article or post on your site with the keywords related to their search. For example, if you run a site about yoga, you should have articles about different kinds of yoga, yoga’s benefits and dozens of other topics within your expertise.

There are countless tools across the Internet that provide help in planning for what to write about. Google’s Keyword Planner and/or Content Experiments tools are prime examples of this. Generating ideas for content for your site is a must for every serious Internet entrepreneur.

2. Keyword density

Once you have your keywords and keyword phrases selected, you must use them fully and properly.

An article should have great keyword density for a search engine to feel its presence.

You should aim for five to 15 percent keyword density in your post for search engines to rank your site high in search results. Improving site rank is what article marketing does best for a site.

The keyword density in a post or article is the number of times a keyword or keyword phrase is used in the content. The final density result will depend on how long the post itself is. The percentage is simply a reflection of how dense the content already is.

An effective article’s keyword density will be in a sweet spot. Anything too high or too low and the article won’t perform optimally. An abnormally high keyword density blasts the essence of the article out of the water and the content no longer has real value. A keyword density that’s too low can be ignored by search engines.

3. High quality, reliable article content

By now, you understand an article cannot simply be riddled with keywords. This dilutes the actual content and prevents readers from having a worthwhile impression and experience on your site. An article should be regarded as solid reading material. Your articles should entertain people to some degree (whenever possible) and inform them at a high level. Naturally, each post or article you write should have impeccable grammar and spelling. If you want people to trust you and your work, your written communication should be well thought out.

What’s more, people love infographics and bite-sized pieces of information. When researching for your articles, do your best to harness as many facts as possible. The more rock-solid your information, the better you’ll be serving your customers and clients. An excellently written article will boost your reputation as an expert on your topic.

4. Linking articles

If you’re going to utilize the power of article syndication and article directories, always include a link back to your site. A small resource box with succinct information about you and what you provide is precisely what your readers want and need if they enjoyed your article.

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