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3 Steps To Find Freebies To Add To Your eBook


If you’re someone who makes frequent purchases on the web, you have long become comfortable with the variety of free endowments that are offered to site guests to urge them to purchase. Offering high value (but free) downloads expands the current perception of a product or service that’s available for purchase.

So the burning question stands: by what method are you able to collect and offer free gifts – which will be viewed as relevant and valuable – organize everything in a convenient bundle and add this to your eBook? This procedure requires three simple stages:

1. Identify the keywords in all sections of your eBook.

Enter those keywords into the search engine of your choice. You are searching for eBooks on the same subject by someone with greater influence than you currently have or someone who gives a crisp edge to the point. Include a link to the free eBook you’ve found in every part of your own eBook.

2. Research relevant places online for free gifts.

Presently you are searching for items that you could give as free goods in your eBook that will make it all the more engaging and give it lasting value for those who consume it. For instance: If you are selling dating and relationship advice, find a free download talking about how men can improve their self-perception and confidence and include that as a gift in your eBook. (This is most appropriate if the book is already talking to men – use your discretion with what freebies you include.)

3. Download the free goods.

Visit the freebies pages on the sites that turn up from your search. Dozens of popular forums and community sites have freebies and urge you to liberally circulate them. Remember to stick with free downloads that you yourself are fulfilled and helped through. The worst move to make here is to recommend or distribute something you don’t even appreciate yourself.

Different phrases you can look for are “freebies,” “free eBooks” and “free reports,” in addition to the niche keyword you’re selling in. A sample may be “freebies for mechanics” or “pet training free eBooks.”

Only provide the absolute best for your supporters and customers. Give them your book, supplemental reading material (with an emphasis on proficient and professional ideologies) and maybe a few more free goodies to boot. Everybody appreciates a deal and you’ll be building essential trust!

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