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Match The Famous Line To The Poet Who Wrote It: How Many Can You Get Right? | Writer’s Relief

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Match The Famous Line To The Poet Who Wrote It: How Many Can You Get Right? | Writer’s Relief

It’s National Poetry Month, the perfect time to test your knowledge of memorable lines of poetry and the poets who wrote them! The poetry fans at Writer’s Relief have created a quiz based on the most iconic poems in the English language—can you match the famous poetry line to the poet who wrote it?

Quiz: Match The Famous Line Of Poetry To The Poet

Famous Line Of Poetry:

  1. “The carriage held but just Ourselves—/And Immortality.”
  2. “I used to pray to recover you.”
  3. “April is the cruellest month”
  4. “We sing sin.”
  5. “I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness,”
  6. “But still, like dust, I’ll rise.”
  7. “Once upon a midnight dreary,”
  8. “so much depends/upon”
  9. “And that has made all the difference.”
  10. “None of these will bring disaster.”

10 Well-known Poets:

  • a. William Carlos Williams
  • b. Robert Frost
  • c. Maya Angelou
  • d. Elizabeth Bishop
  • e. Edgar Allan Poe
  • f. Sylvia Plath
  • g. Allen Ginsberg
  • h. Gwendolyn Brooks
  • i. S. Eliot
  • j. Emily Dickinson


Here are the poetry quiz answers:

1— j; 2—f; 3—i; 4—h; 5—g; 6—c; 7—e; 8—a; 9—b; 10—d


Let’s see how you did!

8-10 right: Excellent, you’re a Poetic Powerhouse!

5-7 right: Congratulations, you’re Verified Well-Versed!

4 or less: Good try! You’re a Beginner Bard! Be sure to read the works of these poets to see what you’ve been missing!


Question: How did you do? Let us know in the comment section!

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