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How To Make Effective Writing Submissions And Get Published—Ask Writer’s Relief

Writers: How To Make Effective Writing Submissions And Get Published—Ask Writer’s Relief

Whether you’re a new writer just starting to develop a submission strategy, an experienced author with some publication credits who would like to hone your existing strategy, or a writer whose submission process could use a complete overhaul—it’s time to review the fundamentals. At Writer’s Relief, we know it’s important to review the basics in order to make targeted, effective writing submissions that will boost your odds of getting published.

In this installment of our “Ask Writer’s Relief” series, you’ll find the best writing submission tips, tricks, and hacks from some of our best articles, as well as a few great resources we’ve found on the Internet.

Ask Writer’s Relief: “What’s The Best Advice For Making Successful Writing Submissions?”

Below is a list of informative articles—some written by our staff, others taken from various sources—that can help you improve your writing submission strategy.

What You Must Know To Make Effective Submissions To Literary Agents And Editors. It’s a fact that many writers forget over time: Returning to the basics is a must. These five submission strategy fundamentals will help you get the results you’re after.

5 Things Your Writing Submissions Say About You Without Your Knowing. Your writing submissions are revealing secrets you may not even realize you’re showing to literary agents and editors! Here are five ways your submissions shine a spotlight on your true colors.

If Your Writing Submission Strategy Isn’t Getting You Published, Try This. Here’s a wake-up call, writers: It takes more than great writing to get published! You also need a smart writing submission strategy. This article reviews most common submission strategy problems—and the fixes that work.

The Submissions Checklist Every Writer Should Use. The experts at Writer’s Relief have created the essential checklist you’ll need to prepare submissions that will get results. Make sure you’re hitting every point on this list!

Submission Strategy Hacks For Writers Who Hate Making Submissions. Writers love to write—but many writers hate researching and preparing submissions to send out to literary markets. These submission strategy hacks will make the process easier (or at least bearable) while still boosting your odds of getting published.

How To Submit Your Writing To A Literary Journal. This article by MasterClass explains the six most important things to consider when submitting to a literary journal—besides the need for a thick skin.

Submittable For Writers: How To Easily Submit Writing to Magazines, Publishers, And Contests. It may seem like Writing Submissions 101, but if you’re going to make submissions to literary journals, you need to have a good understanding of Submittable: the submission management system for the literary world. This article from the Author Learning Center explains the benefits and use of Submittable for writers.


Question: What is your best advice for writers making submissions to literary agents and editors?

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