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5 Tips For Keeping All Your Writing Resolutions | Writer’s Relief

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5 Tips For Keeping All Your Writing Resolutions | Writer’s Relief

It’s time to look ahead to the New Year! After experiencing a year unlike any other, there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel. Due to unprecedented circumstances, you may not have been able to meet your writing goals this past year—but here’s your opportunity for a fresh start! The expert planners and strategists at Writer’s Relief have some tips to help you keep all your writing resolutions in the New Year.

How To Keep Your Writing Resolutions

Set A New Routine—Or Refine Your Current One! It’s hard to resist the urge to check our favorite websites, social media, or e-mail inbox for updates. But click on that cute cat video for “just a second” and before you know it, all the time you blocked out for writing has vanished! Free browser-based website blockers like LeechBlock can help you eliminate distractions by blocking the sites that tend to distract you from your writing.

If you realize that writing every day in the evening doesn’t work with your other responsibilities, try a different day or time, or even once a week. Having a scheduled writing time that you can stick to will make it easier for you to keep to your routine.

To further enforce your new writing routine, designate a new spot in your home as your work area. If you used to write in your bedroom, try sitting at a window in the living room, or even at the kitchen table—as long as there aren’t more distractions in those locations.

Get Organized: It’s important to clearly define your writing goals. Is there a certain word count you want to reach during each writing session? Are there improvements you want to incorporate into your newsletter or the latest piece you’re writing? Make a list of your goals and keep it handy so you can easily refer to it and check your progress. Bonus: Each goal you mark “done” will give you a sense of accomplishment and will keep you motivated!

Recharge: When planning your new writing schedule, be sure to set aside time to do activities that will help boost your creativity. Try freewriting or other creative writing exercises. You can also do non-writing activities to recharge and inspire your writing: meditate, attempt the thirty circles challenge, or just people-watch!

Gain New Skills: There are many free apps and affordable online courses that can help improve your writing skills. Joanna Penn has a number of paid courses such as “How to Write a Novel.” If you’re feeling daring, try The Most Dangerous Writing App!

Connect With Other Writers: Having other writers to encourage and support you will make it easier to meet your writing goals. You can find writers’ groups on Facebook, including our very own Writer’s Relief Café! There are also online writing groups like Critique Circle and Story Write that offer critique and feedback on your writing. Joining a local writing group is another great way to connect with other writers and get constructive feedback on your writing—many of these local groups also have online meetings.

The New Year is a great opportunity to start fresh, reenergize your writing, and work with renewed dedication toward achieving your goals. With these five easy tips for keeping your writing resolutions, you’ll be ready to write, submit, and boost your odds of getting published in the months ahead!

And when you’re ready to submit your short stories, personal essays, poems, or book, Writer’s Relief is ready to help you meet your publishing goals. Learn more here!


Question: What are your writing resolutions for the New Year? How do you plan to stay on track?

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