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Leading The Write Way

We Need To Lead Lives That Make Sense

The most confusing and heartbreaking thing is leading a life that ultimately doesn’t make sense. You can have the power and resources to do just about anything you want, but if things don’t add up between your head and your heart at the end of the day, you’re in for a life of pain, disillusionment, […]

It’s Not About Getting A “Job”

Jobs, jobs, jobs. We’re so focused on them. The energy that’s not spent on the job is placed towards making sure we still have one tomorrow, at least on the national level. And yet this is not always true. America’s middle class is experiencing something of an existential crisis, between job placement difficulties with college […]

Success Is Not An Event, It’s A Process

The instances are countless when we get wrapped up in the idea of finally making those “quick few hundred dollars,” whether that be with an online venture, a swift product sale or hitting our monthly goal for a service we provide. It’s incredibly easy to get wrapped up into this. Anyone that’s been trying to cut a […]

The 10 Essential Keys To The Life You Want

1- Love is an action, not a feeling. It would be convenient to go about life under the impression that love is ultimately that welling-up of passion in our chest, or “butterflies in the stomach.” We would all like to think that “love” is that vibrant rush of energy we get as we kiss our […]

Is College For Everyone?

Steve Jobs – Apple Bill Gates – Microsoft Michael Dell – Dell Computers Henry Ford – Ford Motor Co Richard Branson – Virgin Kemmons Wilson – Holiday Inn Hotels Jerry Yang – Yahoo Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook Mary Kay – Mary Kay Inc Russell Simmons – Def Jam Records Ted Turner – CNN Colonel Harland […]

5 Reasons Being Happy Doesn’t Work As A Goal

Everyone likes to be happy. We all enjoy the feeling of pleasantness. No one inherently enjoys struggle as a process. Many living things gravitate towards the path of least resistance, because struggle is equivalent to pain. There is nothing wrong with happiness as a byproduct of living life, but it cannot be a goal that […]