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Featured Client: Laura Lippman | Writer’s Relief

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Click on the video above to hear about Laura’s experience with Writer’s Relief!

After focusing on her medical career with the idea of writing twinkling in the background, Laura Lippman finally took the plunge—she joined writing groups, took classes, and found her place in the writing community. Her efforts paid off—in just twelve months of working with Writer’s Relief, Laura has been published in the Avatar Review, The Broken Plate, Crack the Spine, Crosswinds, La Presa, Mobius: The Journal of Social Change, and Perceptions Magazine, just to name a few.

Read on and watch the video to hear how Writer’s Relief helped Laura get a dozen of her poems published in just her first year working with us!

In Laura’s Own Words

I am poet and a retired family doctor. My physician father loved poetry, but he was bound and determined that I go into medicine. I majored in biology, with a special interest in marine biology and botany. The only English course I took in college was English 101, but I never forgot my love of reading and the poems my parents quoted during childhood. My first memorized ditty was one my dad wrote. He was especially interested in evolution and the origin of the universe. 

The Octacnemus and the Ctenophore

Lived together on the ocean floor

They grew and developed side by side

And avoided the ebb of the ocean tide.

After raising a family and being a physician and a medical administrator, I found myself writing and taking writing courses. Suddenly, I was writing poems: political, memoir, feminist, and nature poems. I realized I knew little of the workings of the craft, so I took poetry courses near me in Seattle at Hugo House and at a Centrum writers’ conference in Port Townsend. I joined writing groups. My fellow students and practitioners were getting published.

But I found the submission process overwhelming and time-consuming. I got a few pieces “out there.” I found the deadlines and requirements of each publication, but the research was rather overwhelming. It was hard to find out what each publication was looking for in their acceptances. A fellow student and friend, Yvonne Higgins Leach, told me about Writer’s Relief. At the time I didn’t even know such a service existed. I signed up with them a year ago, and with their help and guidance (and helpful proofreading), I have had over twelve poems accepted for publication in the last year. Signing up with them was a decision I haven’t regretted!

My writing group and I have also just self-published an anthology, Writing While Masked, which includes ten of my poems and several of my essays. Now, with the confidence Writer’s Relief has helped me achieve, I feel I have the chops to look for a publisher for my first collection of poems.

More About Laura

Laura Lippman’s work has also appeared in Pontoon Poetry, Poydras Review, Journal of Family Practice, Neologism Poetry Journal, New English Review, and Sin Fronteras/Writers Without Borders. She has attended numerous writing conferences, including the Port Townsend Writers’ Conference and Hugo House Workshops. Laura studied with Kate Millett and Lila Karp in one of the nation’s first women’s studies programs. Lippman received her M.D. from the Medical College of Pennsylvania. She practiced medicine for thirty-seven years and raised two children in the Pacific Northwest. She enjoys the outdoors and shares her love of the natural world with her family and friends.


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