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5 Books To Enjoy With A Tasty Slice Of Pie | Writer’s Relief

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5 Books To Enjoy With A Tasty Slice Of Pie | Writer’s Relief

February is Great American Pie Month! Whether it’s homemade or store-bought, the bibliophiles at Writer’s Relief believe the best way to celebrate this delicious dessert is to match the pie to a great book. Here are our favorite books to read while enjoying a tasty slice of pie!

5 Books That Go Great With A Slice Of Pie


What’s sweeter than cherry pie? A love story is one of our favorite books to read! Get your sweetness fix with a slice of cherry pie and The Right Swipe by Alisha Rai. Rhiannon Hunter has strict rules for using dating apps until she hits it off with pro-football player Samson Lima. He woos her and now she’s considering abandoning those rules and following her heart.


Don’t set your pumpkin pie on the windowsill to cool unguarded—a neighbor might wander off with it! While enjoying a slice with a big dollop of whipped cream and keeping an eye on the neighbors, we suggest reading Watching You by Lisa Jewell! In this mystery-thriller, neighbors are watching each other from their windows, secrets destroy trust, obsessions upend lives, and someone in the community turns up dead.

Apple pie is the perfect comfort food! If you’re looking for a comforting book to curl up and relax with, check out Every Word You Cannot Say by Iain S. Thomas. This collection of poems puts into words emotions that are often difficult to articulate. A few poems and a melt-in-your-mouth slice of apple pie will warm your heart and soul!


Key lime pie is deliciously refreshing, and so is Karamo: My Story of Embracing Purpose, Healing, and Hope by Karamo Brown! In his memoir, Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown talks about exploring culture as the way people relate to the world around them and how he has experienced it throughout his life. Brighten up your day with a nice, light slice of key lime pie and get in touch with the world through the eyes of Karamo Brown.

A bite of rich, decadent French silk pie is hard to forget, and so are the mysterious circumstances you’ll find in The Ghost Notebooks by Ben Dolnick. Nick Beron and Hanna Rampe become the live-in caretakers for a museum in an old house. Whispers haunt the couple in their sleep, and they must uncover the secrets of the spirit still attached to the home.


Question: Which pie and book combination are you craving?


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