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15 Essential Ideas For Engaging Blog Content

When it comes to building a relationship with an audience, blogging is hard to beat. Content marketing allows you to present engaging articles to targeted readers, with the potential for creating long-term buyers. While you don’t necessarily need to update your blog each day, there is always a desire for interesting content, so it helps […]

Why Haven’t Writers Been Told These 5 Facts?

Have you ever wondered how some writers reach the hall of fame, seemingly popping up overnight? Or wondered why you haven’t managed to get there, yet you’re writing away, doing what you’re meant to, but traffic to your blog is dismal, you have no subscribers and people aren’t engaging? Well I can tell you there […]

8 Proven Steps To Make Your Writing Better

As a writer, you’re constantly looking to make your writing resonate more deeply. If you’re focused on a blog, articles or other forms of “direct” copywriting, you’re also always looking to improve your call-to-action (CTAs). Even if you’re already a talented copywriter, there is always room for improvement. You likely want to improve those conversion […]

The Creative’s Introduction To Writing Website Content

You may have experience writing for a newspaper or crafting short stories, poems, and creative non-fiction, but website content is completely different. You’re creating content that will interest, inspire, educate, and entertain readers who share a gravitation toward a specific topic. They want to quickly determine the value of reading a page of content and […]

How To Become A Better Writer: Helping Other Writers, Part 7 Of 12

Altruism is a lovely concept, but how often do you see it in the real world? When is the last time you saw someone helping another person out of pure-blooded desire to help? The answers to these questions can reveal a lot about the world you see on a daily basis. Truth be told, I […]

How To Become A Better Writer: Your Best Work, Part 6 Of 12

As writers, we often put off our best work for later, assuming we’ll get the chance to tackle it “when we have time.” Yet, before we know it, we’re progressing into deeper stages of our career, and our best work remains unfinished. Sometimes it remains unstarted. In Part 6, we’ll address and embrace 10 helpful […]