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Best Gifts for Writers

Do you spend time in creative circles? Do you have one or more friends who are writers, poets, editors, or otherwise love the written word? It can be difficult to find gifts for these friends, given that their tastes are so unique. 

Have no fear, though–we’ve got your back. It’s not difficult to find great writing-related gifts anymore. Rather than aimlessly browsing online for hours, you can take the shortcut and check out the gifts we found.

Keep reading for our list of the best gifts for writers (that make great splurges for yourself, too!). 

Best Brainstorming Gift: Creative Block — 100+ Brainstorming Ideas

Want to give a classic gift to a writer friend in a completely unique way? Look no further than Creative Block. These handmade bamboo blocks contain more than 100 creative prompts from thinkers, scientists, artists, and other experts. Talk about plenty of ways to look at something!

After cracking the box open, your recipient will never be at a creative loss again. With such diverse ways to approach any problem or hangup, the reader is bound to get back on track sooner than later. Makes an excellent stocking stuffer, last-minute gift, or resource for your own creative pursuits. 

Best Pen Gift: Ernest Hemingway Luxury Gift Pen

Is your writer friend always jotting notes down? Give them a gift that will make each note unforgettable. This Ernest Hemingway quote luxury pen is sure to win a smile from anyone who loves the written word. 

Not only was Ernest Hemingway one of the most celebrated writers of all time, he was also known to be succinct. That’s why this luxury gift pen is engraved with the following words: “In order to write about life, first you must live it.” 

This ballpoint pen comes in black ink and opens via twist-action for simple use. Even though it comes in a premium gift box, this pen is so nice that your recipient will rarely keep it in there! 

Best T-Shirt Gift: This Is My Writing Shirt

If you’re looking for a writer gift with a splash of humor, this is right on the money. A t-shirt that says “This Is My Writing Shirt” is sure to be loved by those with witty and dry senses of humor.

Available in gray, navy blue, and black, this shirt fits into anyone’s gift giving budget. Browse styles for children, men, and women, and choose between small and 3XL sizes. 

Best Tabletop or Desk Gift: Vintage Typewriter Paperweight

Know a writer that loves style, inside and out? You can’t go wrong with this vintage typewriter desk organizer. Perfect for the writer who has too many pens, or doesn’t have a place to keep them all tidy. 

This typewriter organizer also acts as a paperweight, coffee table decoration, or tabletop accent for anywhere in the house. It’s guaranteed to freshen up any desk or surface that hasn’t been changed in a long time!

Dig these best gifts for writers and want to see more? Let us know what we missed in the comments below. 

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