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2014 To 2015


As 2015 rolls in, there is no year I have been more excited for than this one.

2014 had far more twists and turns than I ever would have expected or thought possible, but I have probably also never grown more than I did this year. This year was absolutely jam-packed with experiences, moments, events and places that I will remember for years to come.

I’ve been blessed with the greatest friends I can possibly ask for, and on many days, that’s better and more enriching than other things I could want or think I want. I want to thank each person who has helped me grow, see life anew, take on healthy challenges and keep striving towards my goals. I would write down each person and why I’m grateful for them here, but please just know that if you’re in my life, I am genuinely thankful for you in some way. The best thing you can do is keep being you – for yourself and others.

As I look forward to what is up next, my mind is flooded with thoughts. I want to encourage you based on what you’re facing and where you’re at.

For the downtrodden:

Know that tomorrow is another day – a new chance to breathe fresh air in, absorb the light and stand up to fight hard once more.

For the miserable:

Take some time to soak in some type of art. Refresh yourself with the bright side of life. Keep yourself rested and find something that makes you smile. You’ll make it through – I know you can.

For the jealous:

There’s someone else out there who wishes they had what you have. Don’t take what you have for granted. Use your gifts and talents – they were given to you for a reason! There’s no one else that has what you have.

For those on cloud nine:

I’m happy for you! I truly am! Thank God for the circumstances and blessings you’ve been endowed with. Use this moment to the max!

For the confused:

Re-prioritize yourself. Usually getting off track started with a few small steps in the wrong direction. Check to see if you’re still heading where you need to be going, and if not, take the steps to get back on course.

For the victorious:

You’ve undoubtedly been working very hard at what you are after. Celebrate your accomplishment! Breathe a sigh of relief for the fact that you made it to the top. Share the victory you achieved with others, and help them along their own paths to victory!

For everyone:

Take a few moments to count your blessings. Be reminded of why it’s glorious to be alive, and what you’re living for. Be thankful for who and what is in your life. Look back briefly on 2014 for celebrations and lessons learned, and set your sights firmly on 2015. There is no turning back!

“Tonight you got to test the limits and tell yourself that
‘I’m alive!’ Just make that choice and draw that line tonight.
Tonight you got to test the limits and tell yourself that,
‘I’m alive, and I’m not going anywhere!’

I won’t waste my time in mediocrity.” – The Ghost Inside

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